1 | Our most important asset is the professional quality of our work in terms of client impact in everything we do. Our work should be better than our client expects and more than the situation calls for.

2 | Basic R&D in everything we do is key to our value propositions. To be able to see the forest, you must identify each tree. Good R&D beats good marketing, advertising or sales every day of the week. We ‘are’ R&D. 

3 | Independence is crucial – we give clients what they need, not what they ask. Independence gives us a license to tell the truth. We drive our own car.

4 | We are a minimalist – less is clearer. We are very disciplined about removing details. We use details with purpose.

5 | We do not believe in size as a business concept. Size matters yet shape matters more. Achieving success is less about overcoming size-related challenges than about mastering things.

6 | We are a practitioner, not a preacher. There is simply no substitute for seeing for yourself. 

7 | Imagination, inventiveness and innovation is important to us. The road not taken can be very expensive.

8 | We promise only what we can deliver, and deliver what we promise. We believe in ‘promise-centric’ rather than ‘product-centric’ value propositions. Products fulfill needs, but promises fulfill desires. 

9 | We love collaboration. Ultimately, collaboration is the secret to competitiveness. It is our passion and profession.

10 | Fun is key to our success. There is one form of communication that is always understood – the smile.



Prof. dr. P.K. Jagersma


JRC International




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